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University of Colorado Sorority T-shirt Quilt - by Moss Re-Creations - Large Throw size
Large Throw - Volleyball T-shirt Quilt - Moss Re-Creations
Queen - Moss Re-Creations - High School T-shirt Quilt - Graduation Gift
close up - Medium Throw - Sorority and Fraternity Kent State T-shirt Quilt - Moss Re-Creations
 Medium Throw - Moss Re-Creations - College T-Shirt Quilt - Denver University and Arizona T-shirts
Twin - Moss Re-Creations - High School Graduation T-shirt Quilt
Large Throw - Youth Sport Jerseys T-shirt Quilt - Moss Re-Creations
Medium Throw - Moss Re-Creations - Runner -Turkey Trot - 80th Birthday T-shirt Quilt
Large Throw - Moss Re-Creations - High School Graduation T-shirt Quilt
Modern Multi-sized pieces T-shirt Quilt - close up - Moss Re-Creations
Queen - Sports T-shirt Quilt - Moss Re-Creations
Harley Davidson T-shirt Quilt - Large Throw - Moss Re-Creations
Semester at Sea T-shirt Quilt - Medium Throw - Moss Re-Creations
Vanderbilt Chi Omega - Sorority T-shirt Quilt - Small Throw - Moss Re-Creations
Embroidered Message - Moss Re-Creations
Moss Re-Creations - quilt back - Straight Line Quilt Stitching
Moss Re-Creations Quilt Label


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Moss Re-Creations T-shirt + Memory Quilt Size, Clothing Amounts , Price Chart

It’s time to take the T-shirt collection that has accumulated in your home and turn it into a quilt-blanket you can use. Make your memories huggable in a T-shirt blanket that warms your heart and brings joy to your home!

T-shirt quilts vary from sports to sorority, rock concerts to family reunions and so much more. Or its a combination of everything you enjoyed over the years! The amazing part is NO two t-shirt quilts are the same!

  • Our T-shirt quilts are created with multi-sized pieces cut to the size of the t-shirt graphic on your tees giving it a modern look. None of your graphics will be cut off!
  • By using this method there is little waste and the piecing allows for more tees to be used than a standard grid-style quilt. 
  • You can use more than just tees in your quilt. Go ahead and add jerseys, tie-dye tees, sweatshirts, jackets, flannel pants and more.
  • Finished with anti-pill fleece or flannel on the quilt back gives our quilts a cozy blanket like feel.
  • Available in many sizes to fit your lifestyle or the number of tees you have saved!
  • Make your T-shirt quilt special by adding an EMBROIDERED NAME or EMBROIDERED MESSAGE.
  • The minimum to get started is to purchase a QUILT DEPOSIT to be added to my Work LIst or pay the full amount. 
  • Quilt DEPOSITS purchased today will have a finish date in July 2019.