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Five Hearts Design, Memory Pillow made from Clothing by Moss Re-Creations -
Clothing Memory Pillow by Moss Re-Creations - Nine Squares
Memory Pillow by Moss Re-Creations -  Shirt with collar
Memory Pillow by Moss Re-Creations - Triangles

MEMORY PILLOWS from Clothing

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Memory Pillows created from the clothing of a loved one makes the perfect huggable gift preserving memories for family members.

From the drop-down menu below choose from 4 different pillow designs. 

  1. 5 Hearts - Minumin 2 Clothing items required - up to 6 items
  2. 9 Squares - Minimum 2 Clothing items required - up to 9 items
  3. Shirt with collar - One shirt with collar
  4. Triangles - Minimum 3 Clothing items required 
  • Pillow cover has a zipper closure for easy removal and cleaning
  • 18' X 18" Pillow includes a pillow insert
  • Pillows can be customized with an embroidered message on the pillow back.
  • When purchasing multiple Memory Pillows. Purchase a PILLOW DEPOSIT if you are unsure how many pillows can be created from the clothing that you have.
  • Other pillow sizes and shapes are available. So ask what can be created for you. Everything is custom made at Moss Re-Creations.