Nothing says LOVE like a T-shirt Quilt!

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At Moss Re-Creations, we stitch memories together creating quilted gifts that re-tell your story.

We all have them...

  • Boxes full of memories we can't part with.
  • Boxes overflowing with tees and jerseys from your student-athletes.
  • Boxes of college tees moved from one house to another for decades.
  • Boxes of clothing that will turn yellow and will be forgotten.

Now is the time to unload the boxes!

  • It's time to preserve your box of tees into a cozy patchwork blanket you can wrap around yourself. 
  • It's time to start reminiscing and sharing the fun memories behind each tee hiding in your boxes.

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Still not sure? 

Call and get to know Julie, the person behind the sewing machine. Life is precious and fleeting, so stitching your family memories together to preserve the story is important.

Celebrate and re-live moments in time that will bring joy and comfort in a quilt or pillow you will use every day!


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Be the hero of your family,

 Gift a modern T-shirt Quilt-Blanket that warms your heart and your home!

Get started by purchasing a QUILT DEPOSIT today!