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Raves and Reviews

Our Custom T-Shirt Quilts are treasures our customers love and cherish. The gift recipients report absolute delight and often refer to our quilts as their favorites!







Makenzie and her amazing quilt! She LOVES it! I had it waiting for her on her bed when she returned from her mission trip. She was thrilled with it!!! She also has it in her dorm room at CU!



 My Daughter absolutely loves it!

She just sat and talked about all the memories that went with each shirt. What a great business you are in to be creating such a great way to preserve memories and bringing happiness to your customers. I am so glad you were at the volleyball tournament because I would still be wondering how I would do the quilt myself.

Thanks again, Mary R.


Quilt Design Was Perfect!

The design was perfect. Thank you so much! Just received the quilt. It is absolutely gorgeous! Outstanding!
D.R. for Atlantic 10 Conference


It's beautiful!

Brought tears to my eyes!!!  So many great memories with my daughter!  Cheers, K.A.


Quilt is Wonderful Reminder of All Her Great Sports Memories!

We had a quilt made with my daughter’s volleyball jerseys and T-shirts from over the years. I gave it to her for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! It is the first thing she shows every friend that comes over to our house! The quilt turned out beautiful and will serve as a wonderful reminder of all her great sports memories for years to come. Thank you Julie for doing such an amazing job!!!!!


Denver Bronco Pillows Score!

Everyone loved their Bronco pillows!   Thanks S.A.



Amazing Job on Volleyball Quilt!

Julie did an amazing job on my daughter’s volleyball quilt!

The quilt has over 30 of my daughter’s club and high school volleyball t-shirts in it. She embroidered several personalized items on the quilt and embroidered volleyballs all over it to tack it down.
She used a very soft backing, which my daughter loved and slept with the first night I gave it to her. Great gift to give your daughter going off to college! She is going to use it on her dorm bed!


Volleyball T-Shirt Quilt One Year Later

 I Love This Quilt!    I asked Christi this year when we were taking her back to college if she wanted a different quilt for her bed and that she didn’t have to use it every year and she said “No way I love this quilt, I’m using it all 4 years, it’s the best I could have. Everyone that sees it in my room loves it!


Everyone Loved the Quilt

Everyone loved the quilt and commented on what a special gift. Thanks again for the beautiful work you did.


 The Quilt … So Much More Than We Expected!

… The quilt for Rachel was so-o-o-o-o fabulous. So much more than we expected. It has made me spend extra time collecting more items for my next daughter who in 2 years will get her quilt from Moss Embroidery. Her soccer motif came through so well done.


 I contemplated making it myself...

We received Taylor's quilt today.   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!    

I contemplated making it myself and I'm glad I didn't. I think you did a fantastic job.

Thanks, Shelia


Favorite Memories!

Thank you again. It was one of her favorite memories as she shipped off to college last week and I’ll be sure it’s on her bed when she returns from college on Thanksgiving break.


Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt Means So Much!

Thanks again for the Breast Cancer T-Shirt quilt. I can’t begin to describe what it means to me. Really, as the kids say, It is Awesome! G. C.


Extremely Pleased! Awesome Work! Perfectly Made!

We were extremely pleased with our order from Moss. They do awesome work! It was the perfect gift and was extremely special. It was perfectly made and in record time! Thanks again S.Z.

Can’t Wait To Display the Quilt!

The quilt arrived today! I love it! I know my son will enjoy it too! Thank you so much for all your hard work. My daughter is already asking if I’m going to have one made for her! Thanks again and I can’t wait to display the quilt at my son’s graduation party! M.L.