Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my t-shirts ready for my quilt order?

  • Please send whole clean tees and clothing.
  • Prioritize your tees in order of importance.  
  • Put the miniumun number tees for your quilt size in a bag and label 1st BAG
  • Take the remaining tees and label 2nd BAG
  • I will use the 1st BAG of tees first.  If I need more tees to fill space on your quilt, I will use tees from the 2nd BAG.
  • I do like extra tees if you have them. If you don’t have extra tees, I will work with what you give me and add solid pieces from the backs of your tees to create the quilt size ordered.
  • I use ALL sizes of logos: left chest front, large full front, large full back, down sleeves and pant legs, butt areas, etc.
  • If there is a logo that you DON’T want me to use, take a piece of blue painters tape and place it on the logo and mark it “DON’T USE”
  • If there are tees you want in the center of your quilt, label with blue painters tape. “CENTER of QUILT"
  • I do prefer uncut tees but in the case you have already cut your tees, I can usually make them work by adding solid tee pieces to the logos


    Can I use more than T-Shirts in my quilt or pillow?

    Yes, I have made quilts using the following items:

    • Sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, sports jerseys, tank tops, baseball jerseys with button fronts, shorts, sweat jackets, Tie-dye t-shirts
    • Plaid flannel pants, backpack logos, school uniforms, and patches
    • Jeans, sweaters, button-down shirts, western shirts, hockey socks, swimsuits, leotards, hat fronts, flags, Hawaiian shirts, military BDUs
    • Favorite baby blanket, little girl dresses, infant clothing, infant hats, pillowcases
    • If it's washable, it can go in your quilt or pillow

    Is there anything that you don’t recommend for use in the quilts or pillows?

    Do not send:

    -Puff paint t-shirts

    -Tees with photos that were NOT printed with a direct-to-garment printer

    -Chenille letters/patches from letter man jackets

    If you want to use a chenille letter from a letter jacket I would suggest using it on a pillow

    as the wool in the chenille is not washable.


    What happens to extra clothing items?

    Any clothing or tees that I have not cut into will be returned with your finished quilt or pillow. I do not return cut pieces of tees or clothing from your project.


    Can I add a Name or Message to the quilt or pillow?

    Yes, an Embroidered Name looks great on quilt and pillow fronts for $10.00 each.

    You can choose script or block font and the color of thread for the embroidered name.

    A personal Embroidered Message looks nice on the pillow or quilt back for $23.00 each.

    If you already have a tee or jersey with your name on it, I can use that name for you quilt front too.

    If you have any other personal items you would like to add to your quilt or pillow just ask about what can be added. 

    When adding embroidered names or messages to your quilt or pillow. Be sure to add the message or name to your notes section so I know what to add.

    It’s your quilt, so make it personal!


    Can I make a  DEPOSIT on a custom quilt order?

    Because my turn-around time is generally 2 to 3 months on custom orders, A deposit is a minimum requirement on custom quilt orders and reserves your spot on my work list. This gives time to prepare your clothing and ship at a later date. 

    The remaining balance on your order is due when your order is complete. You can pay the balance by sending a check or I can invoice the balance to pay by credit card online.

    Your product will not ship until the balance is paid.


    I live locally. Can I drop off my clothing and picking up my finished custom order?

    Yes, call Julie at 719-661-2990 or email to set up a time for your delivery and pick up.


    How do I care for my finished quilt?

    Following our specific quilt care instructions is important to preserving the unique memory quilt that is now yours or a gift for your loved one.

    Before constructing your quilt. I wash the fleece that is used in your memory quilt, to prevent dye bleeding from the fleece onto your tees.

    When you’re ready to wash your quilt, I recommend washing your quilt in a large size washer with Color Catchers by Shout to prevent any excess dye bleeding on your quilt top.

    Dry your quilt in a commercial dryer for best results on low heat.

    You will receive a printed copy of these instructions with your finished quilt for your convenience.


    Where are you located?

    My physical address is: 730 Lincoln St.  Fort Morgan, CO 80701


    What about sales tax?

    No sales tax is collected for custom orders.  Sales tax is collected on ready-to-buy products purchased by Colorado residents.


    What are the shipping costs?

    I offer FREE shipping of your finished quilt and any unused clothing that wasn't used in your quilt.

    Pillow orders will have shipping added, based on your zip code, weight and size of the product ordered.  

    Insurance is added to ensure safe delivery of your quilt keepsake.

    The customer is responsible to cover the cost of shipping clothing to Moss Re-Creations or you may deliver it to my home.


    What is your return policy?

    Because all our products are custom-made, I do not offer returns/exchanges/refunds.  

    In the event I’ve made a mistake in creating your quilt or pillow  (for example, a misspelled name or an open seam), please contact me as soon as possible.  I will have you return your quilt or pillow so I can correct the mistake.


    What is your privacy policy?

    We respect your privacy and will never release or sell any information about you to third parties.