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Clothing List for T-shirt Quilts

What clothing items can I use in my T-shirt Quilt?

As a Sports Mom I know that you have saved more than just T-shirts for your student-athlete's quilt.

You probably saved jerseys and sweatshirts which have different thicknesses and different amounts of stretch.

It all can be used!

In fact, I love to use other types of clothing because it adds interest and texture to the finished quilt.

Here is a list of clothing items that can be added:

  • Sports Jerseys - including stretchy Dri-Fit shirts and mesh shirts
  • Sweatshirts, hoodies, hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants and terry towels. even though these items are thicker than a t-shirt they can be used.
  • Clothing with buttons and zippers like baseball/softball jerseys, hockey jerseys, polo shirts and zip front sweatshirts
  • Athletic shorts, sweat jackets and tank tops
  • Emblems or Patches and hat fronts
  • Adding plaid flannel pants, Tie Dye tees and other items with a printed or stripe design can be used in small amounts and add interest and a little Pop to the finished quilt.
  • Adding 1-2 baby or toddler items is a great sentimental way to remember how small your student-athlete once was.
  • Not sure if it can be used - Just ask. My quilt customers have come up with some of the best clothing ideas!
My motto is... If it's washable, it can be used in a T-shirt Quilt!