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Julie Moss - T-shirt Quilt Maker in Colorado


Julie - Moss - Colorado - Memory - Quilt - Maker

I’m a mom, and probably like you, I’ve spent a lot of my life carpooling from one of my kids’ sporting events to another.  While in the thick of those days, I did my best to appreciate them, because I knew this was just going to be a season of our lives.  It wouldn’t last forever.

But I got to thinking, what if I could make the memories of long weekends at tournaments, late nights with teammates and their families, the excitement of victory last forever while putting all the boxes of t-shirts from the years of sports to good use?

My first t-shirt blankets were for my own children made from the many bags of sports tees in my own home. It was a natural inclination as I’ve been sewing for years-- first in a drapery shop, then sewing on a production line in a factory, then creating custom swimwear and aerobic wear, and even running my own store-front embroidery business for 10 years in Monument, CO.  In fact, some of you may have met me at Colorado Crossroads Volleyball Qualifier in Denver, CO. I was a vendor for 11 years offering on-site embroidery and displaying my t-shirt quilt business while watching my own daughters play volleyball at this tournament.

My biggest joy from sewing has come from recycling old clothes that hold special meaning and bringing them to a “new life.”

By giving t-shirt memory blankets as gifts, we are able to capture the stories of those special years so that they could be retold through the years.

I’m a mom of 4 and now a grandma of 3. I love how memory quilts touch people’s lives and showcase their memories. Life is precious and fleeting, and I want to do all I can do to preserve life’s special moments-- for my family, and for yours.



Gathering Memories:

When your tee shirt and clothing pieces arrive in my Colorado, smoke-free home, I will email you to let you know your items have arrived safely. I move your items to a plastic tub labeled with your name, to ensure that your clothing stays safe until I open the tub to work on each quilt project one at a time.

Prepping Your Quilt:

I cut your T-shirt pieces to fit the graphic on your tee. I fuse the pieces with a lightweight knit interfacing on the back of your tees to stabilize the soft t-shirt fabric for easier assembly and to reinforce them if they are well worn.  I then lay all the cut pieces on a large table, arrange, and move them around until I’m happy with the balance of color and the overall look. Then I add blank solid pieces of t-shirts to fill in open spaces and complete the quilt top design.

Stitching The Memories Together:

The t-shirt pieces are stitched together. I choose a solid color anti-pill fleece to be used on the back of the quilt.  I stitch together the two layers of the (quilt top and the back fleece) with a straight line of machine stitching around the edges of all the T-shirt pieces. These stitches hold the two layers together so your finished quilt is durable, user- friendly and washable. There is no quilt batting between the two layers, which helps create a very soft and touchable quilt.  

The Finished Keepsake:

Your final memory quilt product will not be stiff and will feel more like a soft cuddly t-shirt blanket. The fleece edges are turned and stitched down onto the quilt front, making a soft edge and a one-inch wide border around your quilt. You will find a Moss Re-Creations label with a care tag sewn onto the quilt back.  I will ship your memory quilt to you along with any unused t-shirts.


Extra fleece scraps are donated and turned into pet blankets for “Dumb Friends League” a pet adoption agency. You can learn more about Dumb Friends League, here. 




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