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C.S.U. - Medium - Throw - T-shirt - Quilt - by - Julie - Moss
Medium - Throw - T-shirt - Quilt - by - Julie - Moss
Medium - Throw - Cancer - T-shirt - Quilt - by - Julie - Moss
Medium - Throw - Volleyball - T-shirt - Quilt - by - Julie - Moss
Close - Up - of - T-shirt - Quilt - Julie - Moss - Replay - Quilts

MEDIUM THROW T-shirt Quilt

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MEDIUM THROW T-shirt Quilt

FULL PRICE - $475.00  -  DEPOSIT - $238.00


50" X 70" - Requires 18-24 Adult Tees

or 25 Baby Items  

Quilt features:

  • Multi-sized pieces are cut to the size of the t-shirt graphic and uniquely placed to use more tees than a standard grid-style t-shirt quilt giving it a sporty and modern look. 
  • This quilt uses more than T-shirts allowing you to use up more of your sports clothing collection. See a list of Clothing list ideas here.
  • Finished with a solid color plush fleece on the quilt back giving the quilt a cozy blanket-like feel. 
  • An optional personal EMBROIDERED MESSAGE is included making sure your sentiment of love is never forgotten.
  • Or an optional  EMBROIDERED NAME can be added to make it the ultimate personal gift.
  • Your quilt is washable and is made to be hugged and used every day
  • All supplies for creating your quilt are included in the price so NO shopping for fabric before you send your tees.
  • Your finished quilt ships back to you for FREE!! 
  • Be inspired and see more photos of my work in the QUILT GALLERY