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Loveland High School Cross Country T-shirt Quilt

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Our Specialty is Creating Quilts and Pillows from your Sports Clothing


We received the quilt this afternoon and couldn't be happier! Kaitlyn loves it. She really loves the swatches of the tie dye throughtout the entire quilt which ties everything together.

R. Dinkel - Indiana

We received Taylor's quilt today. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I contemplated making it myself and I'm very glad I didn't, I think you did a fantastic job. Thanks!

S. Axelson - Colorado

My daughter absolutely Loves it! She just sat and talked about all the memories that went with each shirt. What a great business you are in to be creating such a great way to preserve memories and bringing happiness to your customers. I am so glad you were at the volleyball tournament because I would still be wondering how I would do the quilt myself. Thanks again, 

Mary R. - Oklahoma

We had a quilt made with my daughter’s volleyball jerseys and T-shirts from over the years. I gave it to her for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! It is the first thing she shows every friend that comes over to our house! The quilt turned out beautiful and will serve as a wonderful reminder of all her great sports memories for years to come. Thank you Julie for doing such an amazing job!!!!!

D.A. - Colorado