Nothing says love like a T-shirt Quilt!

Smiling - Girl - with - T-shirt - Quilt
Gift a modern T-shirt Quilt that not only warms your heart but also your home!

  • We all have them. Boxes of tees hiding in closets!
  • Boxes full of memories we can't part with. 
  • Boxes of tees that will turn yellow, fade and soon to be forgotten.

It's time to unload the boxes! Let us preserve your old tees into a Memory gift your family can use and enjoy!

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 "My daughter Kathryn absolutely loves it! She just sat and talked about all the memories that went with each shirt. What a great business you are in to be creating such a great way to preserve memories and bringing happiness to your customers. Thanks again," Mary R. Nebraska


*** It's so easy to get started! ***

1. Save up your clothing. 

2. Purchase a Quilt Order DEPOSIT  OR  Memory Pillow.

3. Ship your clothing.

4. Receive a finished Memory Quilt or Pillow as unique as you!


 "My siblings LOVED the quilts, they could not believe all the care that you put into them! I have loved using mine already on cold nights. What a precious memento you have given us!"    Dana J. Colorado

Photo - collage - girls -smiling - T-shirt - Quilts

Don't know where to start? Not sure what to save?

Download our free pdf T-SHIRT QUILT GUIDE and get started saving for your Memory Quilt project!

"We received Taylor's quilt today. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I contemplated making it myself and I'm very glad I didn't. I think you did a fantastic job. Thanks!"   Sheila A. Colorado